Between city chaos and technology, people are always looking to disconnect from the concrete, and Colombia is one of the places that will allow you to do it.

Colombia is our home, it is a place that has the perfect climate conditions to be a country rich in natural resources, in magical landscapes that surround us from north to south... We have deserts, valleys, and jungles of all types, such as the Amazon or the tropical jungles at the Pacific Coast... Blue all around, with two different oceans and rivers running along our mountain chain…

Thanks to the abundant water, we have one of the biggest amphibian, birds, fruits and flora diversity of the world… All these beautiful things are the secret recipe for life and the splendor that comes with it.

We live in a country full of colors and good energy, we are a mix of races and cultures, a fusion of big cities, small towns and tribes proud of our folklore and roots, living the joy of having a bright sun that illuminates us in our traditions, that gives us the opportunity to be one of the happiest populations in the world… Every street has a story to tell: we have vibrant carnivals, traditional parties, and celebrations everywhere; our day by day is filled with smiles and hardworking people with big dreams.

Welcome to Azul Silvestre, wrap yourself up in the green and blue… This is your time to explore what we brought straight from one of the happiest places on earth, get to know our folklore, denim and flavors because at CI JEANS we make the best jeans for the best brands, with the unique, authentic and magical Colombian flow.

Thanks to you, our denim industry continues to grow because you help to make the magic happen!