Medellin, a city concealed between mountains it´s our hidden gem, and inside this city we find CI Jeans, a denim company that works every day to make the best jeans with great quality and appearance.

Ci Jeans has created the Denim influencers club featuring HIDDEN GEMS, a compilation of trendy gems ready to be used as an inspirational tool, all the new finishes, fabrics and details are included in our collection.

Hidden gems was our third showroom in NYC, placed in an eclectic house full of stories and elements from all over the world, located in the middle of Manhattan, a true gem... There, were we had the opportunity to share with our clients the variety of products we have in different categories as: Hidden gems, garments we consider our gems, the product on trend,

Just Wear It project with gems found around the world who tell their own stories, and a

Sustainable category with garments made with all the care to the environment, true green gems for the planet.

All of them exposed in different spaces, so the clients could explore and discover as they were truly hunting for denim