CI Jeans, with respect to the environment and their workers, have embarked on New Technologies to help demonstrate continued support for short and long term engagement of set goals.
 The opportunity to develop new finishes with a Sustainable approach has been a part of the creative process on many levels including social,
economic and environmental impact.   
 Here are a few of the development approaches we at CI Jeans are taking in developing newness for our customers:

Eco patterns

This relatively new technology is offering us the opportunity to develop vintage hand applications in concert with conventional finishing methods. Agility and speed are what make this technology a perfect fit for development and production as well as flexibility.

Ozone technology
Is gaining more and more attention as an innovative tool for developing "vintage" looks and helping fabrics improve their ability to accept applications. We are also finding that ozone can change traditional formula applications and approaches to conventional finishing i.e shorter time, water savings, reduce chemical applications.

These are just a few of the tools we are using in our continuing efforts for Sustainable methods with the ultimate goal in achieving social, economic and environmental responsibility.