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At C.I. Jeans we understand sustainability as the positive impacts we generate on the society, the environment and the economy. 

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To build a better world, we created our sustainability model, considering how we generate the most significant impact and focus on improving our processes through research, development and innovation.

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Our people inspire us

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We are passionate

about sustainability

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We are proud to be

an experienced Colombian company

We aligned with Sustainable Development Goals

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and the

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to monitor and measure our results in a transparent way.



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Our people inspire us: their well-being, health, personal and professional growth.


We provide decent work in safe spaces and the possibility of learning and growing as part of this family.

We have several programs focused on the most valuable thing we have: our talent. 

Icono worker well-being

Worker well-being

  • Talent attraction and retention.

  • Incentive programs to increase income from results.

  • Average income higher than the current minimum legal wage.

  • Personal finance training.

Icono talent development

Talent development

  • Leadership development programs.

  • Scholar degrees for our co-workers and their families.

  • Career opportunities within the organization.​

Icono human rights

Commitment to human rights

  • Ethics and transparency.​

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Icono safe and healthy workplace

Safe and healthy workplace

  • Nursing services.

  • Healthcare prevention activities.

  • Self-care culture.

  • Certified emergency brigade.

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We are passionate about sustainability, to make

our planet a better place.

We are continually looking for new ways

to optimize our processes and make them more responsible, focusing on these aspects:

Icono water and wastewater

Water and wastewater

  • Technology: Nanotech, Smartex, Ozone.

  • Waterless techniques.

  • Green Master process.

  • Water treatment plant.

Icono eco-efficiency


  • Renewable energy sources: hydro and solar.

  • Solar power system in-house.

  • Less greenhouse gases.

  • Digitalization.

  • EIM - Environmental Impact Measuring software by Jeanología

Icono chemicals

Integral management of

chemical products

  • Restricted Substances List comply. 

  • Globally Harmonized System of classification and labeling of chemicals.

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We are proud to be an experienced Colombian company


We have overcome many challenges along the way and know that we must focus on:

Icono criteria

Supply with sustainability criteria

  • Local allies with sustainability practices and products.

  • Supply chain of the Americas.

  • Management of supply chain security.

Icono diferentiation

Differentiation in the market

  • Digital ecosystem: Trendrops, digital    design and development, virtual showroom, co-creation digital workshops.

  • Showrooms and events.​

  • Inspiration tools: collections, roll outs, briefs, o​n-site developments, Just Wear It Project.​

  • Diversification and flexibility.

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Icono value

Sustainable value creation

  • Positive impacts in the economy of our country.

  • Savings in water and energy consumption.

  • Productivity improvement.​

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Higg FEM
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Green Energy - IREC

We are always looking for better ways of doing things:

if we want a better world, we must create it

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