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At C.I. Jeans we understand sustainability as the positive impacts we generate on the society, the environment and the economy.

Because we know everything is connected.

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¿What have we done so far?


We created our sustainability model in order to focus on improving our processes and implementing actions, based on the impact these matters have on the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

We contemplate the three aspects of corporate sustainability: Society, the Environment and Governance, each with its own strategies. At the center of the model we have research, development and innovation, which are transversal in the continuous improvement of all our processes.

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Sustainable Development Goals we pursue 

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Our sustainability model



Our people inspire us: their well-being,

health, personal and professional growth.

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We provide decent work in safe spaces and the possibility of learning and growing as part of this family.

We have three strategies focused on the most valuable thing we have: our talent. 

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Quality of life
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Economic empowerment
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Inclusive employment


We are passionate about sustainability

and the constant improvement of our industry.

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We are continually looking for new ways

to optimize our processes and make them more responsible to reduce our environmental impact.

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Sustainable design
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Low impact textile finishes
Climate action


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We are proud to be an experienced Colombian company

We promote ethical behavior in our collaborators' actions, this is key to generate sustainable value and trusting relationships.

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Sustainable value creation

Standards and initiatives

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Higg FEM
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Green Energy - IREC

We are always looking for better ways of doing things:

if we want a better world, we must create it

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